Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily greets its visitors with a nature that’s not only beautiful but also very diverse. It hosts beautiful beaches at the seaside, rolling hills that are cut through by deep valleys, a world-famous volcano and many more things to discover.


The most beautiful beaches can be found south of Noto in the “Riserva Naturale Oasi di Vendicari”. North of Avola you can find the “Spiaggia del Gelsomineto”. Also try the “Isola delle Correnti”, at the southernmost point of Sicily.

del Cassibile

The Cassibile river cut a deep trench through the Hyblaean Mountains. With many small lakes and waterfalls, it is not only beautiful but also a great place to take a bath and cool down. You can find many indigenous flowers.

Cava d’Ispica

A 13 km long canyon near Ispica. A breathtaking place for a hike with a magnificent flora and fauna. In the canyon you can find many caves. Most of them were inhabited and you can still find many signs that tell the story of the people who once lived there.

Mount Etna

The highest volcano of Europe is also one of the most active ones. Many eruptions formed a landscape very different from the rest of Sicily. You can go there for a hike yourself, but to get to the summit you need to be accompanied by a local guide.